Jeff  Richards

Travel Advisor

I believe that travel compliments life...

Having a background in software engineering, I have always loved to travel. My colleagues often surmised that my dream job would be to help others with their travel plans. I have been lucky enough to have traveled the world during my years working with domestic companies having international offices. It was during these business trips that I would explore and experience the cities I found myself in, making me yearn for more (pleasure/recreational) travel.

I have embraced my position as a trusted Virtuoso travel advisor with Just The Ticket Travel, an Affiliate of Largay Travel. I personally look at travel as both a career and an adventure. My travel career was initially fueled by my desire to personally experience far reaching destinations, but I have found that I enjoy the planning process, and want to share my knowledge and collaborate with my clients to create customized adventures and lasting memories.

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CST# 2109263-80