JB Blythe

Travel Advisor

Experience - With 40 years in the travel industry, I can easily say that the wonders of the world are in my blood. I've taught travel at the college level and worked for three airlines, a tour operator, a jet charter operator.

My Travels - My love of travel began in college during a World Campus Afloat program and has since taken me to more than 30 countries.

Most Memorable Moment - Swimming with Wild Dolphins on the Big Island in Hawaii.

Specialties - I specialize in cultural travel, including world festivals and private museum tours, along with destinations such as Hawaii, Fiji and Switzerland.

What You'll Love - My goal is to inspire you with exclusive adventures in special places whose richness color our lives via the five senses. As a member of the Virtuoso network, I am able to reach all corners of the world, utilizing my experience and personal relationships to provide you with privileged experiences not found elsewhere.

CST# 2109263-80