Henya Lish-Gebeloff

Sr. Leisure Specialist
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Luxury Cruising

Consider what is most important to you: the size of the cabin, the amenities, entertainment onboard, the ports of call, or the food - as some are famous for their cuisine.There are so many different cruise itineraries to choose from, you can certainly explore the world via a cruise ship. Cruising to me is the most relaxing and hassle free way to go on a vacation. It allows you to unpack once and visit exotic parts of the world and new countries while enjoying excellent food, top rate service and entertainment. For families, cruising is the best vacation. Parents dont have to worry about entertaining their children. Everyone in the family is well taken care of. Parents can enjoy a night out, teens get to enjoy other teens on the ship and for the younger children, theres always the Kids Club. I have cruised the Caribbean both Eastern and Western enjoying both the days at sea as well as exploring my favorite ports. I have cruised Europe the Mediterrean , Italy France, Spain, Greece, the Baltic region with my highlight being an extended stay in St Petersburg, Russia, the North Cape, Bergen, Oslo, Mexico & Alaska. All in all a wonderful way to pass the time.

CST# 2109263-80