Trisha Iannazzi

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CANADA, our friendly neighbor to the north, offers a fantastic array of vacation opportunities all wrapped up in stunning scenery, unspoiled national parks, celebrated mountain resorts and sophisticated cities. Trisha lived over 10 years in Montreal and the Laurentian Mountains where she spent her winters as a ski instructor and perfected her French.
Consider the fabulous Glamping experience on the Pacific coast, the Rocky Mountaineer train ride through the Rockies, magnificent skiing, world-class cities and the beautiful beaches and fabulous lobster of Prince Edward Island not to mention the Polar Bears in Churchill.
If you long for a trip to Paris but don't want the expense or long flights involved, just hop up to Quebec City which is as French as it gets and has a beautifully restored UNESCO Old Town to rival any in the world.
There are a whole lot of wonderful surprises awaiting you right next door, eh!

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