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The largest country in western Europe, FRANCE is simply the essence of what civilized culture is all about; complex history, noble architecture, fine wine, superlative cuisine, cutting edge fashion, great works of art, cosmopolitan cities and enchanting villages. Six mountain ranges with some of the highest peaks in Europe, 37 million acres of forest, a dramatic Atlantic coastline of deep coves and sheer cliffs, countless sun-dappled river valleys, rich farmlands, rolling vineyards, vast wetlands and a subtropical Mediterranean shore all are contained in a nation roughly the size of Texas.
Paris is one the of the worlds greatest and most beautiful cities with its grand boulevards and magnificent landmarks. Beyond Paris, one can visit the incredible chateaux along the Loire, the hilltop villages of Provence, the glittering resorts of the Riviera, or explore the charming and little visited area of southwest France. Whether ballooning in Burgundy, barging along one of the scenic canals, skiing in the famous alpine resorts, following the artist trail of the impressionists or sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Paris, youll soon be enthralled by the famous joie de vivre that envelopes France. As a FRANCE SPECIALIST certified by the French Government Tourist Office, Trisha has been fortunate to travel extensively throughout France including the beautiful island of Corsica and glamorous neighbor Monaco and looks forward to planning your very special visit to this beautiful and diverse country.

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