Trisha Iannazzi

Travel Advisor
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ITALY continues to be the number one choice for Americans visiting Europe and Trisha has been fortunate to experience it from the Riviera to Sicily and everywhere in between including the lesser know areas of Puglia and Le Marche. She has never found one place she did not love. Of course, the big three Rome, Florence and Venice are a must for everyone, but beyond these cities there are endless marvelous places to explore. Romantic Ravello, perched on top of the world above the spectacular Amalfi coast; Captivating Capri; Idyllic Ischia (perhaps our favorite of all); Sunny Sicily; all the wonderful Tuscan and Umbrian hill towns; Le Marche on the east coast; undiscovered Puglia (the new Tuscany), way down in the heel with magnificent beaches and mile upon mile of ancient olive groves and vineyards; miniscule San Marino; the magical lakes and mountains of the north . the list goes on and on.
Italys gift to the traveler is as complete and varied as the cultural legacy of Western Civilization. It combines history, art and culture with incredible food, wonderful wines and magnificent scenery all wrapped up in something known worldwide as, La Dolce Vita. Whether your tastes run towards an escorted tour, an independent itinerary, a villa of your own for a week or two, a walking or biking excursion, wine tasting, art appreciation, a cooking school or tracing your heritage, Trisha can help you plan an unforgettable holiday in this unforgettable country.

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