Trisha Iannazzi

Travel Advisor
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Trisha grew up in the south of England and still visits Britain regularly. She has visited virtually every corner, castle, cathedral, Grand Country House and garden and charming village in the British Isles. She is designated a BritAgent by the British Tourist Authority because of her superior knowledge of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is everyones favorite European destination with easy flights from all over the US and a language usually understood (some dialects can be challenging however!)
Whether you are planning a trip to visit London or an extensive tour of the British Isles, she can put together a comprehensive itinerary. Throughout Britain you will find history written in a time capsule of stone: prehistoric remains, mighty Norman castles, cathedrals, magnificent stately homes and tiny hamlets where, at the village pub, the tradition of hospitality spans centuries.
In BRITAIN, garden tours and literary tours (think Jane Austen, Dickens and Agatha Christie) are very popular and we usually escort one each year. London of course is the worlds most exciting city but there is so much more to explore from Lands End to John OGroats. When a visit to London and Great Britain is on your agenda, you can rely on our professional expertise to handle all your travel plans. Our first-hand knowledge of every corner of the realm will offer you assistance with every detail in your itinerary.

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