Vira Mastroianni

Travel Advisor
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Ask anyone in the office 'Who is your Disney expert?' and more than likely they will tell you 'Vira!'.
Over the course of the past 20 years, I have probably visited the Disney Parks & Disney ships about 20 times!
In this most recent year (2011-2012) I have been to Walt Disney World 2 times and have sailed on a Disney ship 3 times! I never tire of traveling to 'the Happiest Place on Earth'!
Most recently, I was chosen to participate in Disney's new pilot program for the travel industry, 'Disney's Masters Education Program' which was held in June 2012 at the Boardwalk Resort at WDW, and had the privilege of learning and experiencing so much that Disney has to offer!
Disney always finds a way to fascinate me - with the imagination & creativity, with service & commitment to quality, and the wonderful products that Disney currently has to offer and continues to build upon.
And I will certainly continue to choose to learn from the best!

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