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As I said in my bio.. I have seen 40 of the 50 states..These are not just put my foot in the state, this is really seeing the state and all it has to offer. The history we have here in the United States is unbeliveable. Did you ever watch a cowboy movie.... go out west and take a look around.... it all happened there.

Then you have the Pacific Coast Highway... Herst Castle, Pebble Beach Golf Resort, Napa Valley, Sonoma... and much more.

The River Walk in San Antonio, The Alamo and Sea World are there too.

Did you ever hear about the Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon ... near Las Vegas... see it's not all about gambling... there's something for everyone.

These are just of few of the wonderful places I've seen in the United States.....

Call me... I'd love to hear what state you want to start your American History with.

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