Vivian Leonard

Travel Advisor
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What a beautiful Island with the friendliest people I've ever seen.
I was able to stay at the Almond Casuarina, all inclusive. Great Food and a great family resort. We then went to The House (yes that's the name of the property) 36 rooms. You are greated by the Manager or Assistant Manager and after you sign in on a comfortable couch with a glass of are escorted to your room. The rooms are beautiful and you do get breakfast every morning and afternoon tea. The "Daphne Restaurant is next door and that is were we had most of our dinner. Food was wonderful and you can dine outdoors. The beach is small but there are chairs for everyone.

We took a tour of the island and it's beautiful.

Flights in and out of Barbados are great out of JFK....

CST# 2109263-80