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Argentina, by far, has the tastiest beef, the sexiest dance, the most immaculately dressed people, some of the cutest penguins, the highest peak and the most cosmopolitan city in South America.

Add to that the gauchos of Patagonia, world-class trout and salmon fishing, glacier skiing in the Andes and the European sophistication of the capital, Buenos Aires—and a trip to Argentina provides a destination with amazing potential.

Argentina has earned its good fortune. The country went through economic instability and hyperinflation in the 1990s, then de-linked from the U.S. dollar and restructured its finances. Now, visiting Argentina can be one of the best experiences anywhere: first-world infrastructure, food, wine and service with a unique blend of European culture and North American drive.

Argentina remains among the most expensive countries on the continent and Buenos Aires one of the most expensive cities in the world. Argentina has long had a fascination with the high life, and its prices reflect this. Hotel and restaurant prices at the luxury end of the scale have continued to rise as occupancy rates fall.

Venture out into Argentina's countryside, and all thoughts of cosmopolitan city life fall away. You'll be overtaken by nature: the subtropical lowlands and awesome Iguazu Falls in the north; the monumental Andes mountains—fronted by vineyards—lining the west; high plains of the northwest; the blankets of rich, rolling soil in the central pampas; and the glacial lakes of Patagonia and bleak, windswept steppes of Tierra del Fuego to the south. The beauty and variety will fill you with awe.

SLEEP…in a luxe bodega with llama-wool bedspreads

EAT…parilla, the national dish of grilled steaks, sausage, and assorted organ meats

DRINK…Malbec Wine at several vineyards in the Mendoza wine region

EXPERIENCE…a tango show in Buenos Aires at midnight

VISIT…Torres del Paine National Park for the beauty of Patagonia.

SHOP…leather goods, panchos, and gems in Buenos Aires

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