Joanne Socha

Travel Advisor
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Japan is a country of small things - "a land under a spell...that lies within the mist below the lake, on the other side of the moon".
In Kyoto there are many hidden finds - let me arrange a private local guide for a day so you can have a window into Japan via walking and driving tour.
Take the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto - ask me which side of the train to sit on to see Mt. Fuji burst into view.
Stay at a ryokan in Kyoto for authentic Japanese experience. Luxuriate in an onsen (proper Japanese bath house).
Go to the Gion District in the evening to see Geisha alight from their home into cabs for the evening.
Go to Yasaka Shrine, see Kinkaku-ji, then dine in Ponto Cho Alley.
Have green tea ice cream and green tea kit kat bars!
Go to a 16th generation tea house to experience an intimate Japanese tea ceremony.
Take an architectural tour with our expert guide to learn about Japanese Timber Frame homes.
Take a garden tour....experience a rock garden raking ceremony...

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