Kate Winslow

Independent Travel Advisor
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As part of a multigenerational trip, my family and I spent 10 days in Ireland and Northern Ireland this past June. The six of us started in Dublin, and then visited Kilkenny, Cashel, Dingle, Galway, and Portrush. I created a unique custom itinerary that included multiple hotels and guest houses, rental cars, museum visits, flights, and more. We concluded our trip with tickets to Riverdance at the Gaiety Theater in Dublin. After searching five cemeteries, we also found the grave of my ancestors. It was a truly magical moment to actually see where my family came from! Ireland is a beautiful country with friendly people, lush green landscapes, and centuries of history. I would love to help you build a similar trip--explore the rolling countryside, discover your roots, or simply experience the magic of Ireland.

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