Ken Sause

Travel Advisor
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New York

If you are coming from across the Atlantic Puddle or just California and need a fun guy to show you where to eat, pick up a nosh, follow a Heritage path, or just learn about one of the most vibrant cities on this planet..make a call. Most clients hire Ken to take a group of 30-55 guests around the city and learn all the trivia and gossip. Sometimes you have also have a theme of an irish pub crawl and want to treat your friends, or earn some money for your affiliated group. A "Kenathon" can also be used to reward employees for some sales incentive, or just to have visitor wifes and families on a tour while the husband is involved in a local corporate visit. Ken works with a budget and adds his personality to all of the trips, and of course, references can be supplied.

CST# 2109263-80