Ken Sause

Travel Advisor
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Does 31 visits make a specialist? No it is the long time fervor and fun of bringing folks to the ever changing envirnoment of our grand 49th State. Having started the personal and group tours to this wonderful state since 1968, Ken does theme and variation programs. Usually based on a cruise tour with pre and post (or both) for the Alaskan north (Denali and Fairbanks), the Yukon territoy to the East, the Kenai to the South, and often, a stay in the British Columbia area in Canada with Victoria and vancouver. Some guests like group tours and are confused by all of the offeings (Ken will explain it all to you) , and others prefer the independent route with car and hotel arrangements to suit the individual taste. Alaska is one of the best places to send young people with children as Nature is right there and it is amazing. One is rejuvenated in Alaska as the air quality is grand and summer visits bring those glorious long days to see the eagles, whales, bears, flowers, glaciers and historical towns. Best of all, you do not need a paspsort for Alaska, unless you are including Canada in the program. Alaska is informal and a perfect place for those guests who are not into dressing up when on a holiday getaway. Alaska stirs the soul and Ken can surely provide the mental spoon.

CST# 2109263-80