Ken Sause

Travel Advisor
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Barbados is for those who miss the quiet and peace lost in other islands. Imagine a lovely family-fun hotel like Sandpiper, which is located directly on the beach and offers a "nice way" of de-stressing from the cares of the job and all else that plagues one in these times. With a family who really care about every inch of the property from the gourmet meals (award-winning) to rooms that feel more like the island than a corporation clone, the gardens, the trees that provide shade on the beach, and the greetings from staff to the farewell day when you need to pry yourself away. You will generally meet lovely folks from Europe and one used to find in Bermuda decades ago. Barbados has superb eating places, lovely gardens, a clean and safe local bus system, a pleasant downtown, and a wide range of hotels to suite every taste and budget. Other hotels of note in no particular order: Crane, Accra, Mango, Almond and Sandy Lane. Barbados is also a perfct twin to a combi holiday with nearby St. Vincent's Young Island.Just writing this makes me want to get on a plane and be there in four hours. Barbados might be the best kept travel secret in the Eastern Caribbean.

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