Ken Sause

Travel Advisor
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Often I am asked to name my favorite cities of the world. I am luckily in a long term career of 49 years escorting and personally preparing individual trips, that I have been to most...and often. What favorite is the United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai. Over the last six years, I have been there five times, and am looking forward again this November when I host a Virtuoso one week sailing. I am excited to see the changes, revisit the World Tallest building, check out the Malls with more shops that you can see in a week, and introduce guests to dune bashing, desert spas, and snow skiing indoors. Dubai is friendly, safe and most people speak English!

Whether you can consider joining me on a Virtuoso cruise or planning a stopover on your way to India, Africa or the popular Seychelles, I hope that you will call LARGAY (and ask for me!). No visa is required for American visitors!

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