Sarah Johnson

I believe in going to the end of the road, in experiencing the unknown in order to realise the known.

I grew up traveling; my parents had me on my first cross-country flight at age 1. When I was 8, a flight attendant on a long haul between Germany and the US gave me the paper flight map; to this day it hangs over my desk as a reminder of the powerful connections that result from travel.

Growing up, I always wanted to be an architect. After graduating from Miami University, I moved to Scotland to pursue a masters in Classical Archaeology & Ancient History.

A family vacation on a Lindblad Expeditions ship in Alaska opened my eyes to a new world. I went to work for Lindblad, on board the ships, for three years.

I find the world fascinating. I collect old maps/globes, and I read the news every morning over coffee. My passion is a mixture of travel and education. In 2015, I booked a one-way ticket to New Zealand, threw my computer and camera in a bag, and set off to solo road trip across NZ, Australia, and Asia. 9 countries, 19 months, and 163gb of photos later, I returned home.

Travel opens doors you never knew were there and opens your eyes to the many threads that make up your life. As a trusted travel advisor and a Wanderlist® specialist, I’m here to help you navigate your travel bucket list road map.

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Phone: (913) 708-5464

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  • Adventure Travel
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  • Arctic
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