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featured image for Destination spotlight: Canada

Destination spotlight: Canada

July 26, 2021

Of the many border reopenings we have seen both near and far, one right on our doorstep remained closed. But that’s all changing Aug. 9 when Canada opens to fully vaccinated American travelers. If you can’t get overseas for your next holiday, there will soon be a great opportunity to vacation in the Great White […]

featured image for Destination spotlight: Ireland

Destination spotlight: Ireland

July 12, 2021

Irish eyes will be smiling for us once more when the Emerald Isle reopens to tourism from outside the E.U. on July 19. It’s just in time to savor the last couple months of the glorious Irish summer and early autumn. With average high temperatures in the 60s, it’s a beautiful place to escape the […]

featured image for Destination spotlight: Portugal

Destination spotlight: Portugal

June 21, 2021

While Spain dominates the territory on the Iberian Peninsula, tucked into the western corner is a country that punches well above its weight to this day. Along with its neighbor, Portugal kicked off the Age of Discovery in the 15th century with innovative technology that helped sailors go farther than thought possible. Their mark can […]

featured image for Destination spotlight: Spain

Destination spotlight: Spain

June 14, 2021

Tomes can be written about the rivalry between Madrid and Barcelona, Spain’s primary cities. Blood has been spilled, friends turned to enemies and bitterness drawn out for decades. And that’s just on the soccer pitch. Madrid was the seat of power as a newly unified Spain built one of the most powerful empires the world […]

featured image for Destination spotlight: France

Destination spotlight: France

June 7, 2021

If you’re an avid traveler, odds are you’ve been to France at least once. It’s annually one of the top destinations for American tourists. But as the country reopens for leisure travel this week, it’s a reminder that even in the most familiar destination, things are constantly changing. Next time you’re roaming the streets of […]

featured image for Destination spotlight: Bermuda

Destination spotlight: Bermuda

April 26, 2021

In so many ways, Bermuda stands alone. Geographically speaking, it’s by itself in the Atlantic, well to the north of the Caribbean islands it’s normally lumped in with. This position on the same latitude as the Carolinas means it’s not a year-round beach destination, but from May-November it’s right in the Goldilocks zone with high […]

featured image for Destination spotlight: Egypt

Destination spotlight: Egypt

April 12, 2021

Even to the people we call the ancients, Egypt was ancient. The pyramids at Giza had lorded over the Western Desert for two thousand years before the Roman Republic was founded, let alone the empire. The mysteries of the Land of the Pharaohs have intrigued travelers as illustrious as Alexander the Great, who founded Alexandria […]

featured image for Destination spotlight: Greece

Destination spotlight: Greece

April 5, 2021

Myth and daily life are so intertwined in Greek life you can’t help but lose yourself in time and space. Each place you visit has thousands of years of documented civilization to go with a collection of legends about ancient gods, goddesses and heroes who were timeless even to the people who lived all those […]

featured image for Destination spotlight: Iceland

Destination spotlight: Iceland

March 29, 2021

If you’re fully vaccinated against COVID-19, you’re once again welcome in Iceland. With official paper or electronic proof of vaccination, Americans can skip testing and quarantine requirements in the land of fire and ice. The decision to allow vaccinated visitors from outside the Schengen zone is another sign that the world is reopening. If you’re […]

featured image for Destination spotlight: Belize

Destination spotlight: Belize

March 22, 2021

  Belize might not be a large country, even by Central American standards, but there are so many layers it’s worth a deep dive — and not just into the Great Blue Hole, which none other than Jacques Cousteau declared one of the best SCUBA sites in the world.  The Maya thrived here, and there […]

featured image for Destination spotlight: Antigua and Barbuda

Destination spotlight: Antigua and Barbuda

March 1, 2021

In Horatio Nelson’s time, the safe harbors and protective reef that define Antigua’s 95 miles of coastline made for a great Caribbean base for the Royal Navy. Today, those same characteristics make the island ideal for a romantic getaway. The sailing is still fantastic, with consistent trade winds nearly all year round and Sailing Week […]

featured image for Destination spotlight: Hawaii

Destination spotlight: Hawaii

February 1, 2021

With so many international borders closed, our thoughts turn to a tropical island paradise in the Pacific you don’t need a passport to visit. Your choice of island in Hawaii has always been important and tailored to the type of your experience you’re looking for, as each has its own unique style and charm. With […]

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