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featured image for Educational adventures kids will love

Educational adventures kids will love

August 29, 2022

Depending on where you live, school either just started or is about to. Kids are excited (or anxious) about a new year of learning, and parents are excited about not having to plan daily activities. But soon enough, once the exhaustion wears off, you’ll miss having the kids around. It’s not too early to start […]

featured image for Celebrate your big milestones in style

Celebrate your big milestones in style

June 27, 2022

Milestones, they’re how we mark the big moments in life. We gather together to celebrate our accomplishments, including making another trip around the sun, and celebrating with our favorite people makes it all the sweeter. For a lot of us, the milestones are coming in bunches now because we couldn’t really party the way we […]

featured image for Temples and treasures of Thailand & Angkor Wat

Temples and treasures of Thailand & Angkor Wat

May 23, 2022

They don’t call Thailand the “Land of Smiles” for no reason. Thanks to the welcoming hospitality to the mouth-watering food to the beautiful landscapes and architecture, you’d have a hard time having a bad time on a journey there. The dry season from November to early April is the best time to visit, and you […]

featured image for A dose of mindfulness while you’re cooped up

A dose of mindfulness while you’re cooped up

April 13, 2020

  We’re a few weeks into physical distancing and shelter at home orders, with at least a few more ahead of us. We can be forgiven for feeling a little stir-crazy and having some low moments. While the collective action is saving lives and allowing frontline health workers to have a fighting chance against Covid-19, […]

featured image for Favorite hotel pets

Favorite hotel pets

December 19, 2019

  You might have to leave the beloved family pet behind when you go on vacation, but at some of our favorite hotels, you’ll find some furry or feathered friends to make your stay more fun.   Blackberry Farm This Virtuoso-preferred resort in Walland, Tenn., breeds Lagotto Romagnolo dogs who specialize in truffle hunting. One […]

featured image for Top train trips around the world

Top train trips around the world

December 18, 2019

  Train travel hearkens back to a romantic bygone era. While there are certainly faster ways to get from one place to another, riding the rails really delivers on showcasing the natural beauty of a destination. In lieu of flying from major city to major city, trains can show travelers how urban and rural areas […]

featured image for Top sustainable travel companies

Top sustainable travel companies

December 18, 2019

  We have only one Earth, and while it’s exciting to explore every corner, it’s important to preserve as many of the wonders as we can for future generations. Working with partners who are committed to sustainability and leaving things better than they found them is something that sets us apart and makes us comfortable […]

featured image for Virtuoso Wellness Getaways

Virtuoso Wellness Getaways

December 18, 2019

  Perhaps it’s a New Year’s resolution of yours to concentrate on healthier living. Maybe you’ve recently experienced a life-changing event. Or maybe you just need a relaxing weekend getaway. Whatever it is that draws you in, wellness travel has a way of transforming outlooks on life. The goal, as with any journey, is to […]

featured image for Top Trips for Foodies

Top Trips for Foodies

December 17, 2019

  It’s Thanksgiving week, time to stuff your face with abandon and enjoy all your favorite foods. While 2017 has been a tough year for travel in a lot of ways, especially hurricane season, there is plenty to be thankful for, such as the lifting of the laptop ban on certain flights. One of the […]

featured image for What to Expect on Your First African Safari with Micato Safaris

What to Expect on Your First African Safari with Micato Safaris

April 3, 2019

What to Expect on Your First African Safari with Micato Safaris We know it can be somewhat intimidating at first. A luxury African safari is at or near the top of most traveller’s wish list, but the ins and outs of actually going on safari may seem a little vague. We understand this, and Micato’s […]

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