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British Isles

With large cities such as London, Dublin and Edinburgh and vast wide open spaces, the British Isles (home to Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales) make for a great introduction to Europe, as English is spoken throughout. Visions of castles and kings come to mind for visitors to the British Isles, and there is ample opportunity for exploring history and driving tours to soak up the greenery. Temperatures stay relatively cool in summer thanks to the latitude but not too cold in winter thanks to the jet stream. Pub culture is a way of life, and quaint cottages and manor houses dot the countryside.

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Charissa Popp

  I believe that experiences are more valuable than things. In particular, travel experiences with our loved ones are the best way to live life to the fullest. My passion for travel is rooted in transformation and discovery – the discovery of new places, people, cultures and activities, which I believe leads to a journey […]

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