Toni Carusone

Air Department / Group Air

Travel has been my life’s work. In my 30-plus years of travel, I have been in almost every field possible: leisure, accounting, quality control, ticketing and corporate. My forte is everything air. … around the office I am known as the “help desk”. It’s such a running gag, it has even been my Halloween costume. I even started my own after-hours service in 2014 so any advisor can call me 24/7 to help with bookings/problems. 

I work with the advisors at Largay HQ and with independent contractors, helping with anything to do with air, including group travel. I’ve developed quite a reputation among the advisors for being able to get those hard-to-come-by waivers from our airline representatives. Currently, I am an assistant manager in our air department, but I’m working on developing a new type of group department. I have been with Largay since 2002 and hope to retire with my Largay family. 

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