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Travel is my way of life. Growing up in a Navy family, I lived in three countries and twice as many states, and fell in love with hotels at age 9, when I realized they had housekeepers. After college, I moved to New York City to pursue my love of writing, working as a travel editor for a variety of magazines. As I traveled the world researching destinations, my editorial positions gave me insider access to the best of the best. With 56 countries and counting under my belt, people were always asking me to help plan trips for them — so I joined Largay Travel to bring them the best of the best: personal experience combined with unparalleled contacts around the world.

I plan travel the way I like to travel — it’s personal, and opinionated, and I treat each trip as if I were setting up a trip for someone close to me (which is what my clients become). It takes more time, so I take on fewer clients, which keeps everything meaningful.

With my years as editor in chief of a destination wedding magazine, I have a special love for special occasions: honeymoons, anniversaries, family escapes … those trips that are out of the ordinary and require special care and attention. But I also know that every trip has what it takes to be out of the ordinary — that is the whole point of travel!

I believe that travel forges an incomparable bond between people. My ultimate goal is to connect clients with beautiful destinations and unique experiences, all backed up with seamless background service — so you can focus on just enjoying the ride. I vet everything extensively, and won’t book anything that I don’t feel is up to par. Because while you might be able to get some sort of refund after a bad experience, you will never get that time back — and time is the most precious resource we have. I never know how I’m going to book when I set out to plan; it all depends on what will bring us the best combination of experience, service and value.

In addition to personal trips, I love doing travel management for events — be it a wedding, a movie premiere, a high-profile environmental summit, or the first-ever Vatican-backed social impact incubator, all recent projects.

On a personal note, I believe in transparency, service and customization. I believe that the right trip at the right time can change your life, whether it’s a weekend away or a bucket-list trek across the world. And I believe in balance, so when I’m not working or traveling, I’m out dining, seeing live music and exploring the waterways in my hometown of Annapolis, Maryland.

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