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If a new or encore career in travel is calling your name, be equipped with the knowledge and skills to answer.

If your professional goals and personal aspirations align with a rewarding career in travel, Largay Travel’s mentoring and educational program can help you realize those objectives and dreams. 

Since its introduction in 2009, this highly competitive and respected program has attracted and graduated many successful participants who had no prior background or formal training in the travel industry, but are now enjoying very successful careers as top professionals and producers in the Virtuoso travel network. 

Largay Travel’s dedicated and robust curriculum provides the foundation for insights into understanding and leveraging the fundamentals of how to sell travel, the vast resources and benefits of the Virtuoso network, and most importantly, the magic of  “The Largay Way,” the trip-planning process that is Largay’s secret sauce. 

The virtual mentoring program typically begins in early September and runs for six months. It is conducted and taught by Melissa Russo and a team of experienced advisors whose singular objective is to deliver a comprehensive, practical, actionable understanding of the travel industry. In addition to the community instruction and education, each student is assigned a personal mentor for one-on-one guidance.

To apply, complete the discovery form located on at the bottom of this page. Candidates will interview with Melissa Russo and Paul Largay. Upon your acceptance into the program, a three-day orientation at Largay Travel’s Connecticut headquarters will be scheduled. Exact dates for the start of new classes, as well as the actual time and day of the week classes will be held are subject to the availability and consensus of accepted class participants. 

Upon successful completion of the program, travel academy graduates are prepared to launch and grow their own luxury travel businesses and careers.

Mentoring Program FAQs

What is the schedule of training?
The Mentoring Program starts every September (usually the second or third week) and runs for approximately 6 months. There is a 2-hour live class every week (the day and time is chosen once we have formed the class and we find a class time that works for everyone in the class), along with about 4-6 hours per week of follow-up work and pre-recorded training you can do on your own time. You will also be required to attend a 1-week conference called VCTA (Virtuoso Certified Travel Advisor). Virtuoso holds this conference once per quarter, and varies the location of it.
Is there a cost to the program?
Yes. There is a $2500 initial fee for the 6 months of training, as well as a $250 monthly fee until you are done with the training. Virtuoso charges $1995 to attend VCTA along with your travel expenses. Expect about a $6000-$7000 total investment in your training. 
What type of support will I be given during training??
In addition to having access to all of the managers and trainers at Largay Travel, you will also be assigned a one-on-one mentor. Our mentors are Senior Advisors who are still selling travel, and are very familiar with best practices, ways to handle clients, answers to the tough questions, and how to WOW your client. Our mentors take great pride in offering their guidance and experience to their mentees, and the relationship generally continues long past when training is over.
When can I begin booking travel?

Although travel planning seems simple and straightforward, it is not. There is so much to learn in order to make your clients’ trips not only an amazing, unforgettable experience, but also a safe, smooth and worry-free one. For that reason, we required our mentees to have a minimum of 4 months of training behind them prior to booking travel for prospective clients. At that point, your trainers and mentor will work closely with you to ensure you’re offering the incredible experience they are hoping for. Your first impression with your initial clients will be HUGE in the building of your business, and we want to ensure you are ready to blow them away!

If you are approached by potential clients who want to book travel prior to you being ready, you can take advantage of our “Largay Ambassador Program” by which you refer them to one of our experienced advisors for their current trip, with the understanding they will become your clients for all future trips. You will receive a percentage of the commission earned on their trip as a thank you for the referral. This not only prevents them from looking for help outside of the Largay network, it also prepares them for the type of exciting travel planning process they will experience with you, once you’re completely trained.

Can I continue to work a full time job during the program?
Yes we encourage attendees to continue their current careers while going through training. 

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