Diana Demers

Support Team

I have been in the travel business for over 30 years. I graduated from the Academy for Business Careers in travel and tourism. My career started with a small mom and pop agency here in CT. After getting a taste of the travel industry, I wanted to do more than just putting tickets together.  I came to a travel agency that allowed me to become the youngest Manager in the travel field in CT. After many years I was offered a great job with many benefits, doing Corporate Travel for American Express. As my son got older and I needed to deal with his ADHD, I headed back to the agency that allowed me to flourish as an agent and stayed put for 14 years. I did it all from luxury vacations, corporate travel, to simple rail tickets. I even was given the knowledge of the back office and got a chance to learn all there is about the travel business. Once this agency finally took the business to the home front, I came to Largay Travel with a different future in mind.  I helped with the Independent Contractors and then became the support, everyone, at the agency needed.  


Now I am happy in the support role and can help you plan a trip and I can help do all the back office stuff for that trip as well. 

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