Gail Miller

Air Department

My first client was my 6-month-old son. We traveled around the country for two months and put 90,000 miles on our camper in a year. So the adventure began, and if I knew if I could handle those logistics, my other clients would be a breeze.

I began my professional travel career 38 year ago and have had the privilege of traveling extensively throughout the world. My husband has been my constant travel companion, and we have so loved discovering remarkable little towns full of cobblestone streets on our road trips through Germany, England and Italy. I make it my mission to have my clients experience every bit as much joy as we have on our travels.

Several years ago, I began focusing on corporate travel and have had the pleasure of working with corporations large and small in Connecticut and across the U.S. With every trip, I take just as much care of my clients as I did with my infant son in that camper oh so many years ago.

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