Jane Darrah

Host Relations

After a 37-year career in the luxury jewelry industry, I left my Training and Management role to pursue a Travel Career with Largay Travel. I spent decades selling jewelry, but I believe travel is an even more valuable asset. To help clients achieve their travel dreams is an exciting and humbling experience.

Along with being in charge of The Client Relations Department, and working with The Virtuoso Team Guiding our very own Wanderlist Team, I am Largay Travel’s CHO (Chief Happiness Officer)! It is my mission to guarantee client satisfaction agency-wide, whether it’s providing trip-planning for my own clients or assuring our independent contractors’ needs are met while they are on the road.

I love meeting people in other countries, witnessing the pride they have in their homelands and experiencing the beauty of the world that is out there. Coming from a corporate environment, I have great respect for how seamlessly our Largay Process works with all of our Amazing Suppliers! We all work very hard every day making sure that our clients have the absolute best time on every single trip.

Some of my favorite destinations are anywhere there is palm trees and the Mediterranean! One of my most memorable travel experiences was a Windstar Trip sailing the Mediterranean!

I am already planning my next adventure which will be an African Safari and I’d be thrilled to help you with yours, wherever that journey may be!

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