Kristie Cyr

Support Team

Largay is not a normal company; the crazier the better. That’s why I fit right in. I started with Largay in 2009 as the receptionist and now lead the support team. I enter all your wonderful trips into our database so the advisors and accountants can keep track. Just like a family, we have our moments, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. In fact, being at Largay allows me to work alongside my (much older) sister.

At home, my husband and son are my everything. Typically we take two family vacations a year, to Florida in April and Wildwood, N.J., in July with family. I hope we can do that forever, but I’d also love to go farther afield later in life. I haven’t been many places, but Aruba’s been my favorite so far. The people, the ocean, the food, it’s all amazing.

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