Maureen Dahlstrom

Senior Accounting Administrator

I started with Largay on Oct 25th. I’m gradually taking over some of Lauren’s and others’ job responsibilities, such as paying the IC’s, doing bank transfers, reconciling, etc. using TRAMS and CBW and Grasp.
In my last job, I worked for a Travel Management Company called Upside Business Travel in Washington DC from October 2018 to April 2020. I did ARC reporting and provided Sabre GDS support to their agents. I lived in the Wash DC area until Oct 2019 when I moved back to Portland, Oregon (home.) Like so many others in the travel biz, I was let go due to Covid-19. Before that I worked at a local travel agency, World Travel, Inc. managing their back-office for 15 years doing accounting, ARC reporting and a small amount of travel for friends and family using Apollo GDS.
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