Paul Largay

CEO & CCC (Chief Culture Curator)

Paul is the co-owner and president of Largay Travel and has been making clients’ travel dreams a reality for over 30 years. His professional expertise and passion is planning worldwide, soft adventure (safaris, rafting, biking, ballooning, outer space, etc.) excursions for families and those with an adventurous soul. His professional success and extensive personal travels have taken him to all corners of the globe and have earned him the prestigious recognition by Travel & Leisure Magazine as “One of America’s Top 125 Travel Super Agents”. He was also selected by the Travel Channel to participate in a prime-time television series called “The Vacation Travel Challenge.” The show was created to bring renewed public awareness to the creative skills, insights and invaluable services of true travel professionals. Additionally, after being appointed by Richard Branson as the exclusive Connecticut galactic sales agent, he’s one of the very few that can coordinate your next trip to space aboard Virgin Galactic.

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