Vira Mastroianni

Manager of Partner Relations

Vira Mastroianni has been in the travel industry for more than 25 years. Having had the privilege and corresponding insights of independently owning a travel agency, she is personally familiar with the many different aspects of operating a successful travel agency, and the value that a knowledgeable travel advisor brings to her clients. She doesn’t just provide information, she provides candid, firsthand advice to all of her clients.

With a love for sun and sand, her travels have taken her to tropical destinations such as Mexico, Hawaii, French Polynesia and many Caribbean islands. Also enjoying history and culture, she enjoys working with clients to create memorable, customized itineraries to many European destinations. When it comes to adventure on the “high seas,” family cruise planning is her personal and favorite specialty. Having three teenagers who play an active role in suggesting the “vacation of choice,” she knows intimately what works well for families.

Throughout the planning process of a client’s vacation, she always tries to create the itinerary as if she were doing the traveling herself. This helps in anticipating and providing information to the traveler before they even ask the questions. 

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